Revealed: The Top 5 Best Ways to Give Your Cat Nutritional Supplements


Providing Your Cat Nutritional Supplements

There are times in every cat's life when he will need to take medication or nutritional supplements involving some sort. Cat owners who have been through this know how hard it can be getting the cat to cooperate. Below are a few options that may help in your endeavors.

The first choice is to hide medication in some of your cat's favorite food. This may not necessarily be easy, as in the case of capsules or pills. The cat's keen sense of smell as well be a problem, so it is advisable to pick some of the smelliest food you can if you use this method.

Liquid medication works well mixed right into food, especially salmon. The liquid mixes well with the oils and is almost undetectable by your cat. If possible, use medication and supplements in liquid form.

Crushing a pill or emptying a capsule straight into food is risky. The taste and smell is often bitter and easily detectable by the cat. If you happen to must use this method, make sure whatever you use is sufficiently strong in both smell and taste. It will be necessary to make sure your cat eats the entire portion in order to get all the medicine into his system.

Your best option is alternative natural supplements for cats. Many are available now in great tasting liquids, pills and treats. Cats tend not to mind taking them and it's actually an enjoyable experience for both of you. Natural cat supplements work just as well, in any other case better in some cases, and don't have unnecessary side effects as some medications do. You feel better knowing that you are doing an issue good for your best friend.

Natural supplements for a available for variety of conditions such as;

Urinary Tract Support
Cool & Joint
Senior Vitamins
Skin & Coat
Oral Health
Immune Support
Flea &Tick
De Worming
If you must give medication to your cat without the benefit of food, pick him up by the back associated with his neck like a mother cat. This will render him momentarily unmovable. Gently pry open his butt end and place the medication as far back as possible. Holding his mouth gently closed, stroke his throat. That will cause a reflexive swallowing reaction. You may want to wear gloves while doing this. Once the medication is down, stroke him or her gently and tell him what a good kitty he is. This will minimize the trauma and make it a more pleasing experience for both of you.